30 % margin pools

TickerHistoryMarginPledge ₳Fixed Cost ₳Pool hash
View30.00 %45.0K3406d627f43db80a56ca28e79821119ab1425eef6e903519ca555cec97f
View30.00 %10.0K3407c289f3d27f864c0dbff814c29a8dcc097eb135fa3159ed1d2927483
View30.00 %100.034034812765ebf71de725a4431652e68e96382d64da1e0ca0bf5ee80c1d
HGKView30.00 %100.03400cbc37bbfc5161da696ae49bb5313f510def4ba6711de70c2beaf80d

Support development of Blockchain Intelligence by delegating to our stake pool CENT. More info at https://cent.stakepoolcentral.com

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