Transaction metadata details


TitlePublic Data
Data hash0xd1037b3f679aa0922322159c64f63a9d40d29b498c40d01cafed800ed76e4f5c
DescriptionData Authenticated by Scantrust and Baia’s Wine
Hash algorithmsha256
URL to Public Data
Signature of producer0xca9a2d62518e774f514952125f76d77536653d610518393d7448e31f4a0b5c002c709a365c79cf8714ecfcc85dde52fae61089cb66abce500bbfeb88d1ca790d
Signature of verifier0xb1b872f4c7c716294dc07c1c23dbd561bcf8bb859db04d44c95fa3c21337c98fe2eb98f8099326cbdeca4bab2a1751233e8ed993850973bf53f03b1cc696780f
Public key of producer
Public key of verifier

FieldField value
Data hash

FieldField value
Signer public key
Data or Data hash
Signature of party

Transaction info

Time (UTC)2021-06-11 16:16:11
Tx Hashf22405e92625c2f637c1123fed70d095134905977f262f94d5144303ca63f3ad
Epoch / Slot271 / 153080

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