Metadata key 103, epoch 276

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    "ac4113940d3e75d17e296b2e6fff19f853b3e53ef8a881e809029964": {
        "Artamint103": {
            "id": 103,
            "code": "",
            "name": "feral_bird_01",
            "type": "Artano NFT",
            "image": "ipfs://ipfs/QmYuwLxM2grwyd3LbEBqnPPWogE1cCH2iYdRX24eo4wAjM",
            "artist": "ramute",
            "traits": [
                "feral bird"
            "description": [
                "feral birds"
2021-07-07 09:05:27   

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